Vacuum conditioning advantages and benefits

 Cetravac vacuum conditioning


Shorter baking time


Fast cooling


Quality improvement / Define qualities

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Supplying to and initially stocking branches from a central production facility imposes special requirements regarding quality, freshness and costs. Central production using vacuum conditioning can help you increase your quality while reducing costs and stress at the same time.

 Improved overall impression

Improved volume – no sagging creases on rolls, no Danish pastries with soggy bottoms, fillings, e.g. quark, fill the whole space

 Fillings are more enjoyable (Danish and puff pastry products)

Longer-lasting crispness – tender flaky crust the whole day long

Longer appearance of freshness

 Guaranteeing consistent quality with no weather-related fluctuations

Increased attractiveness of spelt- and gluten-free baked products – more volume and stability

15 – 30% shorter baking times

 Increased capacity and capacity utilisation

Less use of resources – saving “expensive” energy in the shop

Saving set-up times in branches

Saving working time when initially stocking branches

No more hectic mornings if goods are perfectly baked in the production unit

Staff in the branch can start work later but are nevertheless better prepared and can concentrate on friendly service to customers

Premium quality and great flexibility

Baked products Ready To Eat


For the baked products industry as the only quality and energy-efficient alternative to conventional refrigeration, chiefly where there is a need not to have an additional baking process.

Branches / Caterers

For chain store companies and caterers who use vacuum technology to deliver conditioned, fully baked frozen products to where they are to undergo final processing or be sold, but without being baked again.

Simply thaw and enjoy

When the “Ready to eat” process is used, thawing out is all that is needed to make baked products with a moist crumb and crisp crust available quickly. Simply conjure up ready-to-serve, fully-baked premium quality products without another baking process. As a result, products stored frozen have a crisp crust after thawing out as if they were freshly baked. Ready to eat is widely used, e.g. for bread rolls, baguettes and Danish, and can be stored frozen for up to 90 days.

With Ready to eat, you benefit from increased

 more moisture in the product, because no additional baking process is needed, thus your products stay fresh longer

Products in an instant for snack business or catering, unsurpassably crisp and fresh

A big plus in saving preparation time

Fresh goods without baking, for Sunday sales and catering

Ultra-fast resupply of exactly the amount you need

Production of larger batches during the day

combined with lower costs at the same time

15 – 30% shorter baking times

Increased capacity and capacity utilisation

Less use of resources (energy, personnel)

Saving of lead time in branches

Daytime production, no night shift premiums


Cetravac vacuum conditioning enables white-baked goods of unprecedented

quality to be supplied, together with the opportunity to replace dough pieces with prebaked products. Moreover,

vacuum technology helps when precooling products to prepare them for frozen storage.

Optimising processes


Compare the process as exemplified by the central production of par-baked bread rolls (frozen) for baking off in branches:


Cetravac vacuum conditioned

An overview of your benefits

Shorter baking times and elimination of energy-intensive freezing processes

Capacity utilisation increase by up to 30%

 Reduce energy costs by up to 60%

Investment costs savings: frozen food vehicle, shock freezer, frozen food warehouse, operating space

Reducing operating costs (logistics, energy)

Potential saving in branches

You achieve improved shelf life, quality and flexibility at the same time:

Increased storage lifetimes

  • More than 5 to 7 days in a cold-room
  • 3 to 4 days even at room temperature

 Greater volume and improved stability

Optimising ability to respond to fluctuating customer flows

Established fact: Par-baked products treated with Cetravac vacuum conditioning cannot be manufactured any more economically or ecologically.

Find out how baked products manufacturer Kuchen-Peter uses Cetravac technology to create a win-win situation for itself and its commercial customers.

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Vacuum before frozen storage is also the rule for the ‘Croissant King’ fredy’s. Find out more about fredy’s success story with Cetravac.

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Fast further processing – cooling, slicing, packing

Vacuum conditioning guarantees ultra-fast cooling, so slicing and packing can take place promptly. Vacuum conditioning can also be used to precool goods before the freezing process.

Cetravac technology for fast cooling of baked products of all types and sizes, e.g. toast, sliced bread, cakes etc. … down to the required slicing firmness and/or packing temperature.

Vacuum conditioning achieves:

  • A reduction in cooling time from 2 – 6 hours to 2 – 6 minutes
  • The critical temperature range from +60 to +30°C is passed through in 2 – 3 minutes

An overview of your benefits

Maximum mould resistance and freedom from germs for 1 – 2 weeks

No need to use preservatives

Reduced use of protective gas

 50 – 70% smaller footprint and less equipment (no need for cooling trolleys, cooling spirals and cooling-down Areas)

Extended minimum shelf life

Increased dimensional stability – attractive appearance – loaves have a stable shape and don’t form a waist

Cetravac vacuum conditioning is also easy to combine with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging): pure air and/or protective gas ensures additional minimum shelf life prolongation

In addition to optimised quality, freshness and profitability, Cetravac vacuum conditioning also offers new opportunities and potentials for your business, e.g. its use for zwieback, panettone, gluten-free products etc, … and reaching new customers through Ready to eat.