Cetravac vacuum plants

A technical head start with Cetravac

The technical equipment of our plants, and their SPS controllers, enable practically all imaginable applications for almost all products in the bakery and pastry area, and other foods. In this respect, our plant dimensions are exactly matched

to our customers’ needs (racks, pallet dimensions, special dimensions). At the same time, you have the option to expand your Cetravac plants modularly at any time – your business grows, and your Cetravac grows with it at the same time.

For our vacuum plants, we use only the most modern vacuum pump technology that provides particularly high system performance in continuous operation, while nonetheless working with particularly high energy efficiency at the same time.

Our plants

Batch vacuum conditioning plants

Continuous plants

An overview of our technical advantages

 Wide application

 Compact construction

 Modularly expandable

 Plant dimensions adapted to customer’s needs

 Oil-free pumps

 Automatic sliding doors

State-of-the-art vacuum pump engineering

Energy-efficient, low-noise, low-maintenance

Satisfies the highest hygiene requirements

24-hour plant availability

Cetravac’s competitive lead

 Energy-efficient (25 – 30% lower energy consumption)

 Low-noise (30 – 50% less noise Emission)

 24-h plant availability – no downtimes

 Compact construction (only approx. 50% of the footprint area)

Have you taken the decision for your Cetravac plant? All-round worry-free with Cetravac TopCare

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