Applying and using vacuum c­onditioning

Most of the current applications of vacuum conditioning are for baked goods and menu items, and also for rice to produce Sushi.


Our customers are among the baking sector’s market- and opinion-makers. In this respect, we collaborate equally with artisan chain store bakeries and with industrial bakeries. Industrial producers e.g. of sushi, also already use Cetravac technology for their efficient production operation. Cetravac AG is considered to be the worldwide market leader in both the batch-wise and continuous vacuum conditioning of baked goods.

We offer solutions for the requirements of

Industry          Industrial bakeries         Retail stores

Possible ways in which your company can use Cetravac vacuum ­­conditioning

Quality improvement

Pre-cooling frozen products

Par-baked products

Special applications: gluten-free products, panettone, spelt, …

Low germ contamination from oven to packaging

Ready to eat

Ultra-fast cooling, slicing and packaging

Cetravac technology – an investment that gives you double profit

  • Reducing total process time (baking, cooling)
  • Stopping energy-intensive processes
  • Reducing the need for investment (freezing, space …)
  • Up to 60% reduction in energy costs


  • Quality improvement: volume, stability, crispness, …
  • Extended shelf life and freshness
  • Profitability improvement
  • Greater flexibility, potentials through additional turnover, …