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Our extensive network of experts and strong cooperation partners

bakeXperts is an international team of experts that advises bakery businesses worldwide. It focuses on design concepts for new production facilities and their implementation, reorganising capacities and optimising existing industrial processes.

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Ageniaa offers a wide range of solutions covering a number of sectors; bakery, biscuit, pastry, Danish pastry, chocolate, delicatessen, catering, dairy and cheese.
Ageniaa, along with its renowned partners, implements effective industrial solutions in various food-processing sectors. Together, we listen to your needs, we offer you solutions, and deploy them within your plants.
Ageniaa Service department then ensures a rigorous follow-up of your equipment.
Our recommendations in matters of productive assets, industrial machines and production lines are based on the constant desire to optimize productive and economic factors.

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Our cooperation ­partners

The cooperation agreement concluded with MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH in 2018 enables us to meet the rapidly growing need for advice and for the implementation of this innovative vacuum technology. MIWE’s competent team, based in Arnstein, Franconia, will now be available in future for advice and for installation and customer service for Cetravac’s innovative product portfolio.

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