Dries Bakery

By using Cetravac vacuum conditioning, the Dries Bakery now finds it easier to implement its focus on topmost quality and freshness. Installing vacuum conditioning has allowed the quality production facility’s capacity utilization to be raised, while at the same time Cetravac technology helps to calm down the morning rush in the company’s branches.


Well-maintained distinctiveness

The Dries bakery in Rüdesheim am Rhein cultivates its distinctiveness in the form of products guaranteed not to be available anywhere else. Even the four kinds of wheat bread rolls give the impression of being extremely different, one a classical German split-top roll, the second baguette-like with an open pore structure, the third circular with the flavor of toasted flour and again a rather Mediterranean structure, and last of all the fourth a soft bread roll with sprouted cereal and a fine, crispy crust. The man responsible for so much independence and unmistakability is Production Head Stefan Dries, who manages the company jointly with his brother Martin. The stubbornness brings rewards. Around 40% of the sales revenues in the total of 23 branches in the Rheingau region results solely from 15 kinds of small baked products. There are no more varieties – quality really does come before quantity.

So much success is also reflected in costs. Martin Dries says: “Sometimes we need 1 – 1.5 employees just to load and bake the rolls, and capacities are not enough in spite of that.” In their search for solutions, the brothers hit upon Cetravac’s vacuum conditioning. The brothers were finally convinced by extensive tests with their own doughs and products, and the development of process parameters matched to the most important bread roll varieties. There is a Cetravac double cell in their bakery today. Bread rolls are baked in the production area, with the baking time being shortened by approx. 20 – 25%. The products are then vacuum-conditioned in a process that is matched to each variety and takes about 180 seconds. After that, the rolls go to the dispatch area and out to the branches, where they constitute the initial stocking and ensure that the sales staff’s work starts an hour later and proceeds without any rush, so the employees can serve customers in a relaxed, friendly way. And what do the Dries bakery’s customers think? They are enthusiastic about the quality and freshness of the rolls.

The Dries Bakery has confidence in and trust its Cetravac batch vacuum conditioning plants, and Martin Dries, owner of the Dries Bakery, is enthusiastic: “The advantages brought by Cetravac’s vacuum conditioner, especially in the premium segment, are really unbelievable.”


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